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ICGN Principles

ICGN Principles are often used by ICGN Members as benchmarks in assessing investee company governance practices and serve as an international source of best practice which influences corporate governance regulatory developments  and standard setting around the world. 

Policy Outputs

Our policy outputs include the development of letters, viewpoints, and guidance in response to regulatory and market-led initiatives. 

ICGN Committees are regularly invited to provide comment letters, viewpoints and guidance statements in response to national and international regulatory developments.

ICGN Committees

ICGN is an active advocate for corporate governance reform world-wide and regularly responds to public consultations on a range of issues.

Policy - signing

ICGN Guidance supplements the Global Governance Principles and the Global Stewardship Principles, on a range of governance themes which are issued periodically to elaborate on key concepts and practices.

ICGN Guidance

ICGN Viewpoints are short and topical reports produced by ICGN Policy Committees on key governance themes.


National Governance Priorities

ICGN Policy Priorities are reviewed on an annual basis and serve to identify common ground and build cooperation with stakeholders. Developed by ICGN Policy Committees, the priorities serve to shape ICGN dialogue by providing global investor-led opinion on emerging governance and stewardship trends.  Current ICGN Policy Priorities are as follows:

  1. Promoting long-term investment perspectives and sustainable value creation
  2. Making successful stewardship a reality
  3. Building effective boards amidst the changing boundaries of governance
  4. Protecting minority shareholder rights
  5. Seeking transparency through robust reporting, audit and metrics