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ICGN Sponsorship

Contact and Sponsor Opportunities

For enquiries, please contact: 
Christopher Smith
Sponsorship Executive, ICGN
T: +44 204 541 7254

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Milan 2018 Conference

The ICGN brand is synonymous with the highest standards of good governance, advocated through our Global Governance Principles. ICGN conferences, courses and events provide the forum for dialogue around these principles, while exploring different approaches in each market. By aligning your corporate brand with the ICGN, you benefit from kudos associated with the world’s most prestigious global governance institution and it places you at the heart of governance debate. The ICGN network presents marketing opportunities beyond your normal sphere of influence in multiple jurisdictions. 

Options (2)

ICGN offers a number of  opportunities which include the following:

  • Exposure to the ICGN membership including decision-makers from investment, corporate and professional advisory communities in over 50 markets
  • Recognition as a sponsor on branding and on banners associated with the event or project
  • Recognition in ICGN communications regarding the event or project including email communications and on relevant ICGN webpages
Tokyo 2019 Conference Audience
Milan 2018 logo wall in exhibition

Additionally to the above, for Conferences;

  • Logo recognition as a sponsor in the conference magazine in the opening pages of the programme which will be provided to all participants
  • Complimentary exhibition area to promote and disseminate company marketing literature
  • Complimentary invitations to participate in the event and social activity
  • Receipt in advance of the participant list, by company and country
  • Sponsors can choose from a range of options including exclusive association with networking events and core conference products

Digital Opportunities

ICGN digital opportunities allow access to a global audience, either by speaking at our online events, or by hosting an independent webinar on a topic and at a time of your choosing, for minimum cost.

hosted webinar package

Hosted Webinar Package

  • On a subject of your choosing (must be approved by ICGN)
  • Panel selected by sponsor or invitations supported by ICGN
  • Tech/content calls arranged by ICGN ahead of your live date for you and your speakers
  • Listed on the ICGN webinar page
  • 3 dedicated emails going out to members and non-member lists
  • Social media blasts on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Registration link made available to promote to your own network
  • Recording available to use after the live event
  • Sharing literature downloads from your ICGN webpage