Established in 1995 as an investor-led organisation, ICGN's mission is to promote effective standards of corporate governance and investor stewardship to advance efficient markets and sustainable economies world-wide. Our policy positions are guided by the ICGN Global Governance Principles and Global Stewardship Principles, which are implemented by:

  • Influencing policy by providing a reliable source of investor opinion on governance and stewardship;
  • Connecting peers at global events to enhance dialogue between companies and investors around long term value creation; and 
  • Informing dialogue through education to enhance the professionalism of governance and stewardship practices. 


Annual Review

ICGN Annual Review June 2017 - 2018

The Annual Review focuses on ICGN's work programme for 2017/18. It provides an overview of information on ICGN's strategic goals, policy priorities and committees as well as our events and our financial results.