Education is a core part of ICGN's mission to inform members about key developments in corporate governance and investor stewardship.  

ICGN's formal training began with an award from the European Commission in 2011 to develop the first in-person programme on how to integrate ESG factors in investment decision making.

ICGN has recently restructured its course on ESG integration to focus on investor stewardship as a developing profession-- in a way that continues to include ESG integration as a fundamental component of stewardship. The course reviews the theoretical foundations of stewardship and corporate governance, and links these with ICGN’s Global Stewardship Principles and Global Governance Principles. Addresses practical questions facing institutional investors, including how to manage stewardship, how to implement it, and how to integrate ESG into investment decision-making and company analysis. The next ICGN GSS Course will take place on 12 June 2020 in Toronto. 

ICGN's Academic Days have been linked to conferences since 2014 and provide ICGN members an opportunity to dialogue with the academic community, to discuss governance research from both academic and practitioner perspectives. The next ICGN Academic Day will take place on 11 June 2020 in Toronto following the ICGN Annual Conference (08-10 June).