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Welcome to the ICGN

Led by investors responsible for assets under management in excess of $US 34 trillion, ICGN is a leading authority on global standards of corporate governance and investor stewardship. We promote high standards of professional practice among companies and investors alike in their pursuit of long-term value creation contributing to sustainable economies world-wide communicated by the ICGN Global Governance Principles and Global Stewardship Principles.

Latest News

ICGN Response to the Consultation Paper “Review of the TSE Cash Equity Market Structure”

We are pleased to respond to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) consultation Paper “Review of the TSE Cash Equity Market Structure”.   As one of the world’s leading equity markets, with over 30% of TSE owned by overseas investors, Japan is important to ICGN members. Accordingly, ICGN is actively involved in the dialogue regarding corporate governance and investor stewardship in Japan. 

ICGN Viewpoint: Stock exchanges and shareholder rights: a race to the top, not the bottom?

In many areas, investors and stock exchanges are aligned in their views about promoting the health of financial markets, the protection of investors and the corporate governance of listed companies but there are also potential areas of disconnect. This Viewpoint will assess how stock exchanges influence corporate governance and examine possible conflicts of interest and the overall governance of stock exchanges. 

Investor Agenda for Corporate ESG Reporting

ICGN and PRI are pleased to release a joint paper covering the investor agenda for corporate ESG reporting. A group of leading global investor organisations convened to address open questions relating to corporate ESG reporting to provide guidance and an investor perspective to the Corporate Reporting Dialogue and its members.  This Paper presents the preliminary outputs from the group on a range of ESG reporting issues, identifying points of consensus and division.