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ICGN Yearbook                                                                                                                                            Yearbook-2013

The ICGN Yearbook is published to coincide with the ICGN Annual Conference. It provides an overview of issues in corporate governance written by governance protagonists from around the world. It includes an international collection of country profiles written by local experts with unique insight into trends and developments in their markets or areas of expertise.

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Discussion Papersdiscussion paper

Discussion Papers capture key debates at ICGN conferences and draws on insights from pioneers in corporate governance such as Sir Adrian Cadbury and Ira M. Millstein who wrote the ‘The New Agenda for ICGN’ (2005) exploring the history of corporate governance and the role of shareowners.

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Best practice guidancebest practice

ICGN best practice guidance provides practical help to market participants in continually raising standards in corporate governance. Guidance evolves according to developments in the market and are kept under regular review to ensure they are timely and relevant.

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reportReports and surveys

On occasions the ICGN commissions reports and surveys on issues of relevance to the ICGN work programme. ICGN members are invited to comment on a range of issues and their collective opinion serves as a useful basis for ICGN committees to represent when representing their views to policy makers.

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