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Joining ICGN

ICGN membership is organisational, so before you complete an application to join, please check whether your organisation is already a member. A full list of member organisations is available at:

If your organisation IS a member and you would like to access the member-only areas of ICGN’s website and be added to our mailing list, please contact with the name of your organisation and (if known) the name of the lead user for your organisation. This will ensure we are able to add you to the membership quickly.

If your organisation IS NOT a member, ICGN’s member benefits, membership fees and categories are available online. If you have any queries about membership, or need further information, please contact

To apply to become a member of ICGN, you will need the following information – before starting your application, please make sure you have these details available:

Organisation type (e.g. investor, company, not for profit):

Place of incorporation (e.g. Delaware, USA):

Registered office address:

Organisational registered number (e.g. company number):

VAT number (EU states only):

Organisational status – you will need to select one of:

  • Investor
    • You will also need: AuM in GBP
  • Non-investor-for-profit
    • You will also need: Number of Employees
  • Not for profit (Does the organisation have registered non-profit status? If so, you will need to confirm non-profit registration number and where registered, e.g. Charity Commission for England and Wales)

We will also ask for:

  1. your contact details and confirmation that you are an authorised representative who can act on behalf of the member organisation in exercising its rights and who we can contact on the organisation’s behalf.
  • To apply for membership, you will need to read and agree a membership declaration, confirming you will not misuse information or intellectual property accessible through ICGN membership (for example, sending bulk unsolicited communications).
  1. your communication preferences, i.e. what types of information you would like to receive from ICGN.
  • By applying to become a member, we assume you wish to receive member communications and policy information, as these are core membership benefits.
  • All members will also information on ICGN’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), at which lead members for each organisation are eligible to vote, and an annual membership renewal.

If you have all the necessary information, please start your membership application.