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Membership Declaration

I or The organisation I represent endorse[s] the ICGN mission to promote high standards of professional practice among companies and investors alike in their pursuit of long-term value creation contributing to sustainable economies world-wide.

Individual Members

I confirm that I am eligible to be an Individual Member of ICGN.

I consent to be a member of ICGN.

Corporate Members

I, confirm that I am authorised to act on behalf of the organisation. My status is [director/CEO/etc]. I confirm that:

The organisation is eligible to be a Corporate Member of ICGN

The details given in this form are accurate and up to date; and

The organisation consents to be a member of ICGN.

The organisation confirms that the person named may, unless and until ICGN receives notification from the organisation stating otherwise, communicate with ICGN on the Company’s behalf and exercise membership rights that are exercisable by authorised representatives (including attendance and voting at general meetings of ICGN).

As an ICGN member, I or the organisation listed and its representatives and employees agree not to misuse information or intellectual property that is accessible through ICGN membership, including:

  • Use of ICGN or other members’ intellectual property without proper authorisation
  • Utilising the database for bulk unsolicited communication to ICGN members
  • Allowing any third parties access to the database; or
  • Passing information contained in the database to any third parties.

Please check the box in the membership form to confirm that you have read and agree the Membership Declarations.