Nga Pham

Monash Centre for Financial Studies, Monash University
Job Title:
Research Fellow
Areas of Expertise:
  • Corporate risk oversight
  • Shareholder responsibilities
  • Shareholder rights

Nga has over 15 years of experience in financial education, research and advisory services in various areas of finance such as corporate governance, investment and portfolio management, corporate finance and international finance. At Monash University, Nga is a research fellow working on ESG, shareholder activism and pension systems. Nga currently manages the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index project.

Before joining Monash University, Nga was a lecturer in Finance at Hanoi University and La Trobe University. During her time at Hanoi University, Nga had been through various managerial roles including the Head of Finance Department, Vice Dean and Dean of the Business Faculty. She was also the Executive Director of the Joint program between La Trobe University and Hanoi University in Vietnam. 

From 2015 to 2018, Nga worked as a corporate governance consultant of the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank Group, in awareness raising, regulatory advisory, and capacity building in corporate governance for listed companies in Vietnam.

Nga earned her Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Finance) from the University of Melbourne, under the AusAID program, MBA and Ph.D. degree from La Trobe University, Australia under the Australian Leadership Award.

Nga is a CFA Charterholder.