Mike Cho

South Korea
Korea Corporate Governance Service

Dr. Myeong (Mike) Cho is currently Professor of Management at Korea University Business School and also serves as the President of Korea Corporate Governance Service. Dr. Cho has worked as a member at various government committees such as National Economic Advisory Committee and Financial Advisory Committee.


In the investor and corporate side, Dr. Cho has been a member of Korea Investment Corporation (KIC)’s Steering Board since June 2016 and has served as corporate directors at Samsung, SK and Lotte as well as at two start-up firms.  He has been Assistant Professor at Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University in the US. Dr. Cho earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Seoul National University, and MBA from Essec Business School in France and Ph.D in Economics from Cornell University in the US. Dr. Cho has a numerous publication in prestigious academic journals such as Journal of Financial Economics (JFE).