Daniela Carosio

Sustainable Value Investors
Job Title:
Senior Partner
Areas of Expertise:
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate risk oversight
  • Integrated business reporting
  • Shareholder responsibilities
  • Shareholder rights

Daniela Carosio is a Senior Partner of Sustainable Value Investors. Ms. Carosio has over 20 years of experience in financial and CG analysis, ESG integration, proxy voting and engagement. She is a Board Member of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets, as well as a member of ICGN, the UN PRI Small Funds and Resource Constrained Steering Committee and the EFFAS ESG Commission. Ms. Carosio is also a visiting professor of CSR and Business Ethics at Bologna Business School. Sustainable Value Investors are investment advisors for Institutional Investors who pursue higher and more resilient long-term value.