Arne Lööw

AP4, Fjarde AP-fonden
Job Title:
Head of Corporate Governance
Areas of Expertise:
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate risk oversight
  • Shareholder responsibilities
  • Shareholder rights

Arne Lööw serves as Head of Corporate Governance at Fjärde AP-fonden (AP4). In this position he is coordinating the work in nomination committees and participate in nomination committees, to coordinating AP4’s attending and to attend on Swedish AGM’s. The work also includes to coordinate and to cast the proxy votes for AP4’s non Swedish companies.

Previous to working in corporate governance, he has for more than 25 years worked as Equity Portfolio Manager and Equity Research Analyst.


Mr. Lööw is also member of the Council on Ethics of the AP Funds, a collaboration between the First, Second, Third and Fourth AP Funds. The Council on Ethics of the AP Funds works to contribute to the AP Funds' long-term returns by encouraging corporate social responsibility regarding environmental and social issues.

 AP4 is one of five buffer funds in the national pension system. The investment rules allow the funds to invest in most asset classes other than commodities. As of end of 2016, AP4’s total assets under management are SEK 334 billion.