Tracy Chen

Job Title Deputy Manager, Corporate Governance Department
Country Taiwan
Current Employer Taiwan Stock Exchange

Tracy Chen holds a senior post at the Corporate Governance Department of the Taiwan Stock Exchange as the Deputy Manager, responsible for corporate governance rule updates and project research.  For example, she is responsible for updates of the CG codes and promotion of nomination committees and e-voting.  She also contributed to significant CG initiatives, such as the CG evaluation system (scorecard), mandatory disclosure of CSR reports and Taiwan Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors.  Tracy has also taken up the duty to promote the TWSE’s international exposure through participation in global bodies and activities.  

Tracy joined the TWSE in 2000 as an auditor for securities firms covering their business operations, financial performance and internal control systems.  In 2002, she transferred to the TWSE Listing Department and started her corporate governance journey.  She participated in the overhaul of the Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, TWSE listing criteria and CG codes, establishing the CG legal framework in Taiwan.  Then she focused on both CG rules and practices, dedicated to enhancing CG implementation by listed companies.  Most importantly, she proposed to the regulator the short-term, mid-term and long-term corporate governance goals and action plans, which constituted parts of the contents of the 2013 and 2018 CG roadmaps.  In addition, Tracy has cultivated a strong background and insightful experience in post-IPO supervision.  Prior to joining the TWSE, she received her BA in Law from National Taiwan University and LLM from Northwestern University.