Tomoyuki Furusawa

Job Title Secretary-General of the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission
Country Japan
Current Employer Financial Service Agency

He joined the Ministry of Finance in April, 1986 after the graduation of Law Faculty of Tokyo University. Between 2011 and 2013, he was in charge of designing Japanese financial market regulations including insider-trading regulations and OTC derivatives reforms as the Director of Financial Markets Division.  Between 2013 and 2015, he was in charge of the liaison with the Diet and he supported parliamentary debates concerning financial regulations as the Director of Policy and Legal Division.  Between 2016 and 2018, he was in charge of corporate disclosure, accounting and corporate governance, as the Deputy Director-General of the Policy & Markets Bureau. Since July, 2019, he has been in the current position.




      (ふるさわ  ともゆき)


昭和 39 1 18 日生 昭和 61年3月 東京大学法学部卒      昭和 61.4  大蔵省入省 大臣官房文書課  平成 18.7  金融庁総務企画局企画課研究開発室長               20.7  財務省大臣官房総合政策課政策調整室長               21.7  財務省国際局為替市場課長      22.7  金融庁総務企画局企業開示課長      23.8  金融庁総務企画局市場課長      25.6  金融庁総務企画局政策課長      27.7  金融庁総務企画局審議官(監督局・官房担当)      28.6  金融庁総務企画局審議官(企業開示担当)      30.7  金融庁企画市場局審議官(企業開示担当) 令和 .7  金融庁証券取引等監視委員会 事務局長