Takuya Fukumoto

Job Title Director, Industrial Finance Division & Director, New Business Policy Office
Country Japan
Current Employer METI

Takuya Fukumoto has been Director of the Industrial Finance Division and Startup and New Business Promotion Office since January 2019. He joined the Japanese Government in 1996. From July 2012, he was appointed Director of the Corporate Accounting, Disclosure and CSR Policy Office. He was involved in various projects concerning corporate governance, investment chain reform and corporate communication with stakeholders, including “Competitiveness and Incentives for Sustainable Growth: Building Favorable Relationships between Companies and Investors” Project (“Ito Review”), Guidance for Integrated Corporate Disclosure and Company-Investor Dialogue for Collaborative Value Creation -ESG integration, non-financial Information disclosure and Intangible Assets into Investment - (“Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation”).