Shigeo Imakiire

Job Title President
Country Japan
Current Employer Investor Communications Japan

Shigeo Imakiire is President of ICJ, Inc., jointly owned by Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

ICJ is providing an e-voting platform infrastructure to enable 4500 global institutional investors to vote for more than 1000 AGMs of Japanese issuers.

Mr. Imakiire joined ICJ from its launch of the joint venture in 2004, and has been dedicating its growth and expansion as Chief Operating Officer in 2011, and as President since June 2017.

Prior to ICJ, his career started at Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1987 include equity trading, research on overseas capital markets, New York office, secondment to Securities Bureau of Ministry of Finance, human resources and information services. ICJ was a new business for TSE.