Sarah Breeden

Job Title Executive Director of International Banks Directorate
Country UK
Current Employer Prudential Regulation Authority- Bank of England

Sarah is the Executive Director for International Banks Supervision at the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and has oversight of the Bank of England’s work enhancing the financial system’s resilience to climate change.

In February 2015, she joined the PRA’s International Banks Directorate as Director, Major Overseas Banks where she was responsible for supervision of the UK operation of the largest investment firms, banks and custodians.

Before moving into supervision, Sarah was a Director in the PRA’s Financial Stability Strategy and Risk Directorate, where she focused on developing the UK’s macro prudential policy making framework and supporting the Financial Policy Committee.  Previously she was head of the division in the Financial Stability Directorate that assessed risks to financial stability from financial markets, the non-bank financial sector and the real economy.

Sarah led the Bank’s work to support the transition of prudential regulation of banks and insurers from the Financial Services Authority to the Bank.

Prior to that she was head of the Bank’s Risk Management Division and head of Special Projects in the Markets Directorate, leading the design and risk management of financial market operations undertaken by the Bank including those launched during the financial crisis.