Ric Marshall

Job Title Executive Director ESG Research
Country USA
Current Employer MSCI

Ric Marshall is Executive Director and senior corporate governance research analyst with MSCI ESG Research. He is also Co-Chairman of MSCI’s ESG Editorial Committee, which coordinates the planning and publication of all of MSCI’s ESG and corporate governance research efforts.

Ric was previously Chief Analyst at GMI Ratings, which was acquired by MSCI in 2014, and led the original development of what is now MSCI’s corporate governance scoring model. Over the past twenty years Ric has provided training and support in the use of corporate governance research by both equity and fixed income investors, and has written extensively on the importance of corporate governance for investors. On behalf of securities class action plaintiff investors Ric has helped develop guidance for remedial corporate governance reform at a number of major corporations.

Ric has been involved with corporate governance research full-time since 1996. Prior to the founding of first The Corporate Library and then GMI Ratings he was the Chief Information Officer of Lens Investment Management, and worked closely with that firm’s British partner, the Hermes Focus Fund (formerly Hermes Lens). Before this he was active in the fields of computer consulting and computer-based graphic design, and worked as a consultant for The Corporate Library’s predecessors, Lens Investment Management and Institutional Shareholder Services, beginning in 1989.

Ric  has been a guest speaker and panelist at corporate governance and sustainable investment conferences throughout the United States and Europe.