Ong Boon Hwee

Job Title Chief Executive Officer
Country Singapore
Current Employer Stewardship Asia Centre
Mr. Ong is currently the CEO of Stewardship Asia Centre, a Singapore‐based thoughtleadership
centre that focuses on promoting and fostering stewardship and governance of
companies and organisations across Asia. In his varied professional career, Mr. Ong has
extensive working experience in the civil service as well as the commercial sectors. In
Temasek Holdings, Mr. Ong was the Managing Director (Strategic Relations). He was
concurrently the CEO of Temasek Management Services, managing diverse businesses
including IT, training and consulting. Mr. Ong has also been the COO of Singapore Power.
Over the last 20 years, he has served on the boards of companies of various sectors, as well
as of non‐profit organisations and foundations.