Koichiro Miyahara

Job Title President & CEO
Country Japan
Current Employer Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc

Since 2015, Mr Miyahara has been the President & Chief Executive Officer of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. and Director & Executive Officer of Japan Exchange Group, Inc.

He joined Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1988 and held various leadership positions, including Chief Representative of the New York Representative Office, Head of Margin Trading Division for the Equities Department, Head of Public Relations Office, Director of General Affairs Department, and Director of Information Services Department.

He was appointed and served as Executive Vice President, Japan Exchange Group, Inc. in 2014 and has served as Director, Japan Exchange Group, Inc. since 2015. He also served as Chief Executive Officer at ICJ, Inc. from 2005 to 2006 and previously worked at Electric Power Development Co., Ltd upon his graduation in 1979.

Mr. Miyahara graduated from Keio University with a Bachelor of Law.