Miyuki Zeniya

Job Title General Manager, Investment Planning Department
Country Japan
Current Employer Dai-ichi Life Insurance

Ms. Zeniya is Head of Sustainable Finance at The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company whose AUM is around 35 trillion yen. Ms. Zeniya had been responsible for engagement and proxy voting since The Dai-ichi Life expressed the agreement with Japan’s Stewardship Code and is responsible for ESG integration and promoting sustainable finance for all assets. She is Chair of awareness working group of PRI Japan and was a member of a Forum for Integrated Corporate Disclosure and ESG Dialogue by METI and a member of PFA 21 Task Force for ESG Financial Strategy by MOE.  Not only she had extensive experience at asset management, but she was also a board member of Japanese regional bank, and was CFO of a listed HR consulting firm.


銭谷美幸は、約35兆円の資産を有する第一生命保険のエグゼクティブ・サステナブルファイナンス・スペシャリスト。同社がスチュワードシップコードに賛同表明して以降、保有先企業との対話や議決権行使の責任者を務める。現在は同社の総資産へのESGインテグレーション及びサステナブルファイナンス推進を担当。PRIジャパンのアウエアネスWG議長(現任)。また、経産省の統合報告・ESG対話フォーラムの委員、環境省の21世紀金融行動原則 ESG金融戦略タスクフォースのメンバーを務めるほか、外務省 ビジネスと人権に関する国別行動計画に係る作業部会メンバー(現任)。 銀行での役員経験、上場企業のCFO、アセマネ会社での運用経験等を持つ。