Mathi Bouts

Job Title Non-Executive Director
Country Netherland
Current Employer Air France- KLM

Mathi Bouts

Non-executive Director Air France-KLM representing the employees

Chairman Stichting MNO

Senior Purser KLM

Expertise and professional experience

Born on June 29, 1959, Mathi Bouts holds a Bachelor in mathematics and philosophy from the Catholic University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). He joined KLM in 1987 as a steward and has been a Senior Purser on KLM long-haul flights since 2017. He previously occupied the positions of Chairman of KLM’s Works Council (where he was member of the Financial Economic Committee) and Vice-Chairman of the Air France-KLM European Works Council until 2010. Till 2017 he was Member of the VNC Council the largest Dutch union representing cabin crew ( Since 2011, he has been Chair of the Dutch foundation MNO (Stichting MultiNationale Ondernemingsradenoverleg), a network of works councils in multinationals ( The aim of the foundation is to promote and strengthen workers participation by sharing information, but also by engaging in public debate on subject involving workers participation.

In October 2017 he was appointed Non-executive Director Air France-KLM representing the employees and is within the Board member of the Sustainable Development and Compliance (