Junichi Nakajima

Job Title Director General of the Policy and Markets Bureau
Country Japan
Current Employer FSA
淳一(なかじま じゅんいち)
1985年大蔵省(現 財務省)入省。金融担当大臣秘書官、金融庁総務企画局信用課保険企画室長、JETROバンクーバー事務所長、財務省理財局国債業務課長、同国債企画課長、金融庁総務企画局政策課長(兼金融研究センター副センター長)、同総務課長、同参事官(信用担当),同審議官、総合政策局総括審議官を経て、2019年より現職。
Junichi Nakajima has served as the Director General of the Policy and Markets Bureau of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) since 2019.
Junichi Nakajima joined the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in 1985 and assumed various positions mainly at the MOF and FSA, including the executive secretary to the Minister of State for Financial Services; Director, Insurance System Planning Office, FSA; Director General of JETRO Vancouver; Director, Market Finance Division, MOF; Director, Debt Management Policy Division, MOF; Director, Policy Planning Division, FSA (while also Deputy Director, Financial Research Center, FSA); Director, General Coordination Division, FSA; Deputy Director General, Planning and Coordination Bureau, FSA (responsible for credit systems); and Deputy Director General of the Planning and Coordination Bureau of FSA (responsible for policy planning and coordination of financial markets and exchanges); the Vice Commissioner of the Strategy Development and Management Bureau of FSA (responsible for human resources management and policy coordination);in the current position since July,2019.
He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, in 1985 and Harvard Kennedy School in 1995.