Jon Lukomnik

Job Title Executive Director
Current Employer IRRC Institute
Jon Lukomnik has served as executive director of the Investor Responsibility Center Institute (IRRCi) since 2008. He and the Board of Directors have led the organization to become a leading source of objective academic and practitioner research on an array of investment issues to enable investors, policymakers and stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.   
Mr. Lukomnik has received the International Corporate Governance Network award for excellence in corporate governance, and the National Association of Corporate Directors (USA) twice named him one of the 100 most influential people in American corporate governance. Other awards include recognition by Ethishpere Magazine and Global Proxy Watch. 
In addition to his responsibilities at IRRCi, Mr. Lukomnik is the managing partner of Sinclair Capital L.L.C., a corporate governance consultancy to the investment management industry, corporations and institutional investors. He writes a column for Compliance Week, and he is a member of the Standing Advisory Group of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and a trustee on the Van Eck family of mutual funds, insurance trusts and UCITs.
Previously, Mr. Lukomnik served as Deputy Comptroller for the City of New York and investment advisor to the New York City pension funds. He co-founded and served as a governor of the International Corporate Governance Network and chaired the executive committee of the Council of Institutional Investors (USA)e. Mr. Lukomnik is co-author of the award-winning book, The New Capitalists: How Citizen Investors Are Reshaping the Corporate Agenda. His new book, Bonfire of the Nest Eggs: What’s Wrong with the Finance Sector and How to Fix It, written with co-authors Stephen Davis and David Pitt-Watson, will be published by Yale University Press in early 2016.