Ian Burger

Job Title Head of Corporate Governance & Stewardship
Country United Kingdom
Current Employer Newton Investment Management

Since joining Newton,  have developed and expanded, globally, Newton’s approach to ESG as it relates to investee companies. Today, I am responsible for all corporate governance matters throughout Newton’s investment process and lead on ESG for certain industry sectors. This includes establishing and communicating corporate governance policies and principles, and overseeing their implementation. Specific areas of responsibility include steering and conducting investment research on environmental, social and governance matters; engaging with companies, producing public reporting, along with ensuring pragmatic and consistent exercise of global voting rights. Further internal responsibilities extent to the oversight of a securities lending programme, member of the counterparty risk group and member of the responsible investment oversight committee. Externally, I am involved in shaping the debate on corporate governance through various ways such as appointments highlighted below. I present to current and prospective clients, speak at investment conferences and write on various aspects of governance. The skills necessary of me include analytical, strategic, effective communication in multiple formats to varied audiences while ensuring professional and ethical conduct.