Hiroki Sampei

Job Title Head of Engagement
Country Japan
Current Employer Fidelity International


Hiroki Sampei took a newly created role Head of Engagement in January 2017 and focused on leading and enhancing FIJ’s corporate engagement capabilities including conducting dialogues with companies to enhance value of companies and engaging with the regulatory bodies to promote transformation of companies. 

He joined Fidelity as a Director of Research and managed the equity research team in Japan since 2007. 

Prior to Fidelity, Hiroki experienced various investment management roles and equity analyst/fund manager in Nippon Life Insurance group companies, e.g. CEO of its asset management arm in London and Head of Equity and Head of Research at Nissay Asset Management. With more than 28 years of experience investing in equities globally. 

Currently Hiroki performs as a member of various councils, committees, study group, task force of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (“METI”), Financial Services Agency (“FSA”) and Ministry of Justice (“MOJ”). Also, one of external lecturers of the Hitotsubashi University’s Financial Leadership Programme for CEOs/CFOs/CFO candidates of Japanese companies and a founding member of the Forum of Investors Japan.