Hidenori Mitsui

Job Title Director-General
Country Japan
Current Employer The Policy and Markets Bureau, Financial Services Agency (FSA)
 Hidenori Mitsui Director General  Policy and Markets Bureau Financial Services Agency (FSA) 
Passed the Bar Examination of Japan in 1982. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo (LL.B), in 1983; Legal Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Japan (1988-1990); and Stanford Law School (Master of Science of Law (SPILS) 2000-2001). 
Entered into the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in1983. Director of Research Office and Legal Office, FSA (2003-2004); Director of Financial System Planning Division, FSA (2004-2005); Director of Financial Markets Division, FSA (2005-2007); Director of Corporate Accounting and Disclosure Division, FSA (2007-2010); Director of General Coordination Division (Human Resources and Budget Control), FSA (2010-2011); Deputy Director-General of the Supervisory Bureau (Regional Banks and Securities Business), FSA (2011-2012); Deputy Director-General of the Planning and Coordination Bureau (Research, Credit System (Banking Law and Deposit Insurance), and Insurance System), FSA (20122013); Vice Commissioner for Policy Coordination, FSA (2013-2015); Director General Inspection Bureau, FSA (2015-2018); The current position since July, 2018. 
三井 秀範
金融庁 企画市場局長
1983年に大蔵省(現財務省)に入省。スタンフォード大学ロースクール(2000~2001)等へ の留学を経て、2001 年より金融庁にて、監督局監督企画官、総務企画局信用制度参事官、 市場課長、企業開示課長、総務企画局総務課長、参事官(監督局担当、信用・官房担当)、 総務企画局総括審議官等を歴任し、2015 年 7 月より検査局長、2017 年 7 月より兼務で内 閣府地域経済活性化支援機構担当室長。2018年7月より現職。愛知県出身。東京大学法学 部卒業