Henk Breukink

Job Title Member of the Supervisory Board
Country Netherlands
Current Employer ING Group

Drs. H.W. Breukink

He is an all-round businessman and coach who received his initial management experience during nearly 20 years in Shell from 1977 to 1996.

His professional background is in both Finance and Human Resources, followed by several years in general management. He added to his management experience as an associate with Boer & Croon Executive Managers from 1996 to 2002. The next nearly five years he headed up an asset management company (45 billion of assets): a good mix to combine his financial and HR experience. He currently is a non-executive Director (lid RvC) of ING Group and the non-listed Brink Group. Furthermore he is a member of the advisory board for Municipal Museum (The Hague) and Residentie Orkest (The Hague).

As a result of his business life, Breukink travelled the world and lived in Brazil, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, London and the Netherlands. In 2008 he took up his role as coach/mentor of senior executives. He uses Primary Social Motives (McClelland) as a professional and well researched basis for this.