Dr Yasmine Chahed

Job Title Lecturer in Accounting
Country UK
Current Employer The London School of Economics and Political Science

Dr Yasmine Chahed is a Lecturer in Accounting at the London School of Economics (LSE), renowned worldwide for its intellectual leadership and policy impact. Yasmine is experienced at de-mystifying accounting theory and practice. Trained in economics, law, and business administration, and with a PhD in accounting and finance from the LSE, Yasmine has a unique 15-year background in researching the links between regulation, corporate reporting, and corporate governance. She has been working with board members and senior executives for her research on the annual report production process, digital transformations in accounting and professional firms, and the regulation of narrative and non-financial reporting. As a member of the Financial Reporting Council’s Financial Reporting Lab Steering Committee, Yasmine is on a mission to sharpen the focus of accounting to deliver insights that matter.