Dr. Ryohei Yanagi

Job Title Chief Financial Officer & Visiting Professor
Country Japan
Current Employer Eisai Co., Ltd & Toyo University

Dr. Ryohei Yanagi is Visiting Professor at Toyo University and Visiting Lecturer at Waseda University Graduate School of Accountancy, teaching and researching Corporate Governance, Financial Strategy and Investor Relations. 

Dr. Yanagi holds a Ph.D. in economics from Kyoto University, Japan. He also obtained an MBA with distinction from Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management, Arizona, USA. 

In connection with corporate value enhancement activities in Japan, he has been one of the drafting members of METI’s “Ito Review” (Japanese version of Kay Review), and was instrumental in establishing the “ROE 8% guideline”. He has also gathered evidence and advised the TSE on corporate disclosure and governance to promote improvement of the earnings guidance system and IFRS adoption and disclosure. He is also a member of the ICGN Disclosure and Transparency Committee since September 2017. 

In addition, he has been conducting approximately 200 meetings per annum with global investors for the last 15 years (About 3000 meetings in aggregate) throughout his career with UBS as Executive Director (specialising in corporate governance in Japan) and at Eisai as CFO (current full-time occupation). 

He was selected as the Best CFO in Japan’s healthcare sector in 2016 and 2017 by Institutional Investor. In addition, he was also ranked in the Top 10 CFOs by Forbes Japan for the second consecutive year. Dr. Yanagi has also written and published many books and theses on corporate governance, corporate finance, and investor relations in Japan. 

His major published books and thesis are:

“Integrating Nonfinanials to create value”, Strategic Finance Jan. 2018, IMA (2018). 

(Co-authored with Nina-Michels-Kim) 

“ROE Management and Intangibles (ESG)”, Chuo Keizai (2017). 

“ROE Revolution and Financial Strategies in Japan”, Chuo-Keizai (2015). 

“Japanese-Style Beyond Budgeting Management”, Doyukan (2011). 

“Management Accounting to Enhance Corporate Value”, Chuo-Keizai (2010). 

“Financial Strategies to Maximize Corporate Value”, Doyukan (2009).