Charles Canfield

Job Title Principal Corporate Governance Officer
Country USA
Current Employer IFC Corporate Governance Group

Chuck has a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Elmhurst College, Chicago, Illinois, USA, and a Juris Doctor with a concentration in International Law from Northwestern University. Chuck is a Certified Public Accountant (Illinois) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (London). He has assisted companies in these jurisdictions, implemented international best practices of corporate governance, and advised on draft legislation/regulations numerous jurisdictions.  Likewise, he has extensive experience advising enterprises on corporate governance. Chuck is the main architect of the IFC 2019 Updated Corporate Governance Methodology and the IFC Beyond the Balance Sheet: Disclosure and Transparency Toolkit. In his free time, he coaches youth wrestling.

As of May 2019, Chuck’s current endeavors include serving on the governing body that oversees the development of International Standards on Auditing, being a member of the group developing an ISO standard on corporate governance and serving as the CG Lead for IFC’s Infrastructure and natural Resources Department. In addition, he has extensive experience as an auditor and tax advisor with international accounting firms as well as legal experience as a corporate and securities attorney.