Carmen Perez-Carlton

Job Title Former president FPL FiberNet, Corporate Director
Country USA
Carmen Perez-Carlton is the former President of FPL FiberNet, LLC (FiberNet). Until its sale in January
2017, FiberNet was a wholly-owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc., a Fortune 200 company.
FiberNet is a provider of fiber-based communications services with networks throughout Florida and
Texas. FiberNet was sold to Crown Castle, Inc. in January 2017 for $1.5 billion, considered one of the
highest valuations in the fiber sector at that time. After the sale of FiberNet, Carmen served as advisor
to Crown Castle in matters related to growth strategies and M&A.
Carmen was appointed president of FiberNet in 2007. During her ten years as president, the company
became one of the fastest growing fiber-based communications companies in the southeast United
States, with revenue and EBITDA growth at an annual average rate of 15% and 17%, respectively. She
focused on driving profitable growth and increasing shareholder value by expanding into new markets
and developing new products. She invested over $500 million to expand and densify the fiber network
to meet the growing demand for bandwidth. Under her leadership, FiberNet consistently received top
customer ratings for the quality of its network and customer service. She was recognized by Capacity
Media as being one of the top 10 women in telecom in 2013, and was known in the industry as one of
the few women in the U.S. running a telecom company.
Carmen joined FiberNet in 2004 and held several positions, including Vice-president of Sales, and
Director of Finance. Prior to joining FiberNet, Carmen held senior management positions for Florida
Power & Light Company, one of the largest investor-owned electric utilities in the nation, also a
subsidiary of NextEra Energy.
Upon graduating from Florida International University (FIU) in 1982, Carmen joined Deloitte as a
certified public accountant and became an audit manager serving large customers.
She has recently been named a Director of the Board of Uniti Group, Inc. She also serves on the Board of
Trustees of Baptist Health South Florida, chairing the IT Committee and participates on the Executive
Committee of the Board. She served on the board of Cryptzone, a privately held company providing
cyber-security products, until its sale. She has served on the board of Coconut Grove Bank, a privately
held regional bank. She is a past board member of the United Way of Greater Miami, where she served
as chair of the Finance Committee, Treasurer and co-chair of the Miami-Dade County campaign.