Amy Borrus

Job Title Deputy Director
Country USA
Current Employer Council of Institutional Investors

Amy Borrus is the deputy director of the Council of Institutional Investors (CII), a nonprofit, nonpartisan U.S. association of asset owners, chiefly pension funds, with combined assets that exceed $4.1 trillion. CII’s nonvoting members include global asset management firms with more than $25 trillion under management. CII is a leading voice for good corporate governance, strong shareholder rights and vibrant and fair capital markets.

CII members have vigorously debated the use of virtual technology to enhance shareholder meetings. CII’s best-practice policies on corporate governance endorse the use of virtual technology as a supplement to traditional in-person shareholder meetings, not a substitute. CII believes the virtual option should allow remote attendees to participate to the same degree as in-person attendees; companies should offer any shareholder who wishes to attend in person the opportunity to be in the room where the chair conducts the meeting.