Alexander Reus

Job Title Managing Partner
Country USA
Current Employer DRRT
Alexander Reus, Managing Partner at DRRT, has over 20 years of experience
in international litigation and alternative dispute resolution in the area
of investor protection and loss recovery. He advises and represents some
of the world’s largest institutional investors in U.S. and international
shareholder compensation litigation, involving class actions, group actions,
derivate action, appraisal actions in merger or take-over situations. He is
one of the global leaders and pioneers in shareholder rights, protection,
compensation and corporate governance matters as well as funding global
loss recovery efforts in non-traditional non-class action jurisdictions.

Mr. Reus has been and continues to be involved in the largest non-U.S. securities litigation
cases against companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland in England, Volkswagen in
Germany, Vivendi in France, Toshiba in Japan and has successfully negotiated settlements
with Olympus in Japan (JYP 11 billion) and Fortis in the Netherlands (€1.2 billion).
Mr. Reus is a Board Certified International Lawyer (Florida Bar) with German and
U.S. law degrees. He is licensed to practice law New York, Florida, and the District of
Columbia, as well as in England and Wales as a solicitor, and in Germany as a European
attorney. A frequent international lecturer on international legal matters, he also serves
on numerous boards of directors and committees. Mr. Reus is a native German speaker,
speaks fluent English and has conversational knowledge of Portuguese, French, and