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ICGN Scholarships

The ICGN Scholarship programme was launched in South Africa in 2007 and to date around 56 individuals from over 37 countries have benefitted. Scholars gain considerable exposure to thought leaders, best practices and global developments in corporate governance through the ICGN work programme. Scholars benefit from the opportunity to learn from others, build global knowledge and peer-to peer networks so they can then use this to advance the development of effective corporate governance practices in their home market.

The Scholars are selected by the ICGN who monitor the scholars' progress over the period of the scholarship. The ICGN Board makes the final determination of Scholarship awards following recommendations from the ICGN.

We are pleased to offer two awards: the Alastair Ross-Goobey ('ARG') Hermes Scholarship and the Deloitte Scholarship:


The application process is now closed

The application process for our next scholarship opportunity will open in the coming months

Candidates must meet the following criteria to qualify for a scholarship award:
  • Being able to demonstrate an active role in working, or research, in the field of corporate governance (a minimum of 3 years);

  • A proven track record in contributing to the development of effective corporate governance in the local market. This could include contributing to the public discussion through public speaking, media engagement, research, study, practice, on-going work experience etc;

  • Demonstrated engagement with local stakeholders to progress good governance practices (i.e. attended meetings, contributed to regulatory expressions of interest etc);

  • Demonstrated clear knowledge of local corporate governance trends and issues and some knowledge of “foreign” market and globally significant governance issues and trends;

  • The ability to articulate a clear vision for the future of governance in the local market;

  • Fluency in the English language.

Preference will be given to individuals facing financial hardship. Applications should be supported by two references.

Note: individuals who have already benefitted from an ICGN scholarship grant will not be eligible for another grant.