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The ICGN is regularly featured in international print and trade media providing comment on topical issues relating to corporate governance. To arrange an interview with any of our spokespeople, or to be added to our press release list, please contact Elle Thomas via

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Corporate governance: la chiave per un successo sostenibile

Written on Advisor Online, Nella nostra relazione annuale sugli investimenti responsabili, presentiamo i principali temi di engagement su cui ci siamo concentrati. Per meglio chiarire il nostro approccio, è bene sottolineare che le disposizioni variano da paese a paese, pertanto preferiamo aderire alle linee guida internazionali dell’International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) e del Global Compact delle Nazioni Unite.

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) Reports Plans for Accelerate Board Transformation & Additional Governance Enhancements

Press Release issued on Street Insider, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (Nasdaq: BBBY) (the "Company") today announced that, in response to shareholder feedback and in connection with its commitment to accelerating refreshment at the Board-level, the Company's Board of Directors is transforming; the Board will comprise 10 directors, nine of whom are independent and six of whom are women. 

ICGN Response to the Consultation Paper “Review of the TSE Cash Equity Market Structure”

We are pleased to respond to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) consultation Paper “Review of the TSE Cash Equity Market Structure”.   As one of the world’s leading equity markets, with over 30% of TSE owned by overseas investors, Japan is important to ICGN members. Accordingly, ICGN is actively involved in the dialogue regarding corporate governance and investor stewardship in Japan. 

La importancia de la responsabilidad social corporativa: aumentar el valor de los activos a través del compromiso

A nivel global, existe una creciente necesidad de comprender mejor la sostenibilidad y la inversión a largo plazo, lo que ha hecho que la responsabilidad social corporativa cobre mayor relevancia en las empresas. UBS Asset Management considera que en inversiones en renta variable, tanto activas como pasivas, y en inversiones con objetivos de sostenibilidad este tipo de actuación ha demostrado impactar favorablemente en los resultados empresariales.

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