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The ICGN is regularly featured in international print and trade media providing comment on topical issues relating to corporate governance. To arrange an interview with any of our spokespeople, or to be added to our press release list, please contact Elle Thomas via

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Dual Class Shares, A Recipe for Disaster, Rick Fleming, SEC Investor Advocate, ICGN Conference, Miami, Florida, Oct 15 2019

Posted on Mondovisione, "I appreciate the opportunity to speak at a conference where you will spend the next two days discussing the stewardship responsibilities of shareholders.[1] I know you take those responsibilities seriously, and I do my best to encourage a regulatory environment that makes companies accountable to their shareholders."

Actionnariat actif : développer les bonnes pratiques ESG, vecteur de valeur à long terme

Written by Funds Magazine, prominent ICGN Member, Carola van Lamoen is interviewed by Funds Magazine on Active Shareholding. L’actionnariat actif est un élément central de l’approche durable de Robeco et constitue un pilier essentiel dans notre processus intégré d’investissement durable. Nous considérons la durabilité comme un moteur de changement à long terme qui influe sur la performance future des marchés et des entreprises.

Shortlist announced for the ICGN Global Stewardship Awards

Press Release, London, United Kingdom, 23 August 2019, The ICGN Global Stewardship Awards recognise excellence around investor stewardship policies and practices. Categories relate to the quality of stewardship disclosures as well as recognising ‘champions’ for individuals or organistions who have advanced the effectiveness of investor stewardship in practice. We congratulate all those who have been shortlisted. 


 Written on JICPA, 2019年7月16日(火)から18日(木)の3日間にかけて、国際コーポレート・ガバナンス・ネットワーク(ICGN:International Corporate Governance Network)主催、株式会社日本取引所グループ及び株式会社東京証券取引所共催で、「ICGN年次総会2019」が開催され、国内外から500人を越える機関投資家、企業関係者、公認会計士等が参加しました。日本公認会計士協会は、本年次総会の趣旨に賛同し、リード・パートナーとして開催に協力いたしました。

統治改革、上がるハードル 実質重視、問われる株価

Written on the Nikkei, 年金基金や資産運用会社の世界的な集まり、国際コーポレート・ガバナンス・ネットワーク(ICGN)が18日にかけて東京で年次総会を開いた。


Three New ICGN Board of Governors Elected to the Board

Tokyo, Japan, 16 July 2019 - Three new members were elected to the prestigious Board of Governors of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) today at its Annual General Meeting in Tokyo: Christine Chow, a Director for Hermes EOS at Hermes Investment Management; Dan Konigsburg is Senior Managing Director, Corporate Governance and Public Policy at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd;  Professor Myeong (Mike) Cho serves as President of the Korea Corporate Governance Service.  

ICGN Convenes Investment and Business Leaders for Annual Conference in Tokyo: Re-focusing Corporate Governance for Sustainable Value Creation

Tokyo, Japan, 16 July 2019 -ICGN with members responsible for assets under management in excess of US$34 trillion will convene in Tokyo for the ICGN Annual General Meeting and Conference. Hosted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the conference is endorsed by the Financial Services Agency, Ministry for Economic Trade and Industry, Ministry of Justice and Keidanren.

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