ICGN Viewpoints are short and topical reports produced by ICGN Policy Committees on key governance themes. They are meant to enhance member awareness and understanding of emerging governance issues, along the range of themes covered by the ICGN Policy Committees. 

Share buybacks and their governance implications
Share buybacks have proliferated in recent times. This ICGN Viewpoint, prepared in collaboration with three separate ICGN Committees – Business Ethics, Corporate Risk Oversight and Executive Remuneration – examines them from a governance point of view. It touches on the arguments in favour or against using buybacks as an instrument for managing capital and focuses on how boards should decide on buybacks and how shareholders should engage with them about their decision.
Governance questions posed by the changing U.S. political landscape
Consistent with their stewardship obligations, institutional investors around the world regularly monitor and assess changing political dynamics, geopolitical tensions, economic stability and systemic risks. This broad purview of political assessment includes the outcomes of key elections in 2016 that triggered a new policy trajectory in important global markets where global institutional investors have considerable holdings and exposure.