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Investor Stewardship

Investor stewardship contributes to sustainable and responsible value creation which benefits companies, investors and society as a whole.

ICGN Systemic Stewardship & Public Policy Advocacy Toolkit 
Published in September 2023, this Toolkit has been developed for investors to assist with the necessary strategy approaches and decisions as they consider enhancing their systemic stewardship objectives with a plan for public policy advocacy on behalf of their beneficiaries and clients. 

ICGN Global Stewardship Principles
First published in 2003, the ICGN Global Stewardship Principles provide an international benchmark, from an investor perspective, on the highest standards of investor stewardship. 
Endorsers of the ICGN Global Stewardship Principles

Global Stewardship Principles Endorsers 
ICGN Members promote high standards of investor stewardship and many publicly endorse ICGN’s Global Stewardship Principles (GSP) as listed below. The GSP are aspirational standards, applied in a flexible manner as appropriate to the individual circumstances of each individual investor. Please contact if you would like to become a GSP Endorser.

Model Stewardship Disclosure Templates
Our Model Disclosure templates are a series of documents produced by ICGN to assist investors in their stewardship disclosure obligations. 

ICGN Model Mandate
First published in 2012, the Model Mandate provides example terms for asset owners to consider when drafting stewardship obligations in their contracts with investment managers including time horizons, asset manager remuneration and ESG integration. 

The Global Stewardship Codes Network
This is an informal network that enables members to share information and views on the development and implementation of codes. Participation in the Network is open to all organisations responsible for developing stewardship codes, principles or best practice and/or monitoring their implementation (where this is undertaken). 

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