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ICGN Viewpoints

ICGN Viewpoints

ICGN Viewpoints are short reports produced on topical governance and stewardship themes designed to stimulate debate and enhance awareness.



The below Viewpoints are organised by year, starting with the most recent and dating back to 2014. They are also organised via committee category.

•  ICGN Global Corporate Governance Committee 

•  ICGN Global Investor Stewardship Committee 

•  ICGN Financial Capital Committee 

•  ICGN Natural Capital Committee 

•  ICGN Human Capital Committee 

Global Governance

Global Governance

ICGN’s Global Governance Committee, focuses on board leadership, fiduciary duties, independence, culture, committee effectiveness, strategy, risk and remuneration.

Global Stewardship

Global Stewardship

ICGN Global Investor Stewardship Committee focuses on fiduciary duties, shareholder rights, shareholder meetings, company monitoring, voting engagement and investment mandates. 

Financial Capital

Financial Capital

ICGN Financial Capital Committee focused on corporate reporting (financial & sustainability), materiality, capital allocation, accounting and auditing standards, risk, internal controls internal, audit, audit committees, and external audit.