Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA)

The Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) is a non-profit, self-regulatory organization (SRO) founded under the Financial Investment Services and Capital Market Act. 

Established on February 4, 2009, through the merger of the Korea Securities Dealers Association, Korea Futures Association and the Asset Management Association of Korea, KOFIA operates as a think-tank for the financial investment industry, dedicating its efforts to promoting the development and globalization of the Korean capital market. 

KOFIA’s primary goals are ensuring fair business practice among members, the fair trading of securities and investor protection, and developing the nation’s capital market and financial investment services industry.

To achieve these goals, KOFIA performs five major functions: self-regulation, market management, upgrading the financial investment industry, education and training of professionals, and fostering a sound investment culture.  

As the sole SRO governing the Korean capital market, KOFIA oversees a wide spectrum of areas in the Korean financial investment industry. All securities, asset management and futures firms in Korea are KOFIA members and are subject to KOFIA’s self-regulatory operations. Using its successful experience launching KOSDAQ, the Korean version of NASDAQ, KOFIA is now operating the FreeBoard, an OTC Bulletin Board, and the OTC Bond Market. To enhance the competitiveness of the Korean financial investment industry, KOFIA offers important professional services by making policy recommendations, providing member services and guiding the globalization of the Korean financial industry. By operating the Korea Institute of Financial Investment (KIFIN), KOFIA cultivates industry professionals, the most valuable asset of the financial investment industry. Finally, as the chair of the Asia Forum for Investor Education (AFIE) and a founding member of the International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE), KOFIA actively works to instill a sound investment culture through innovative investor education in both Korea and the Asia region.

KOFIA currently consists of 294 members.