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ICGN Japan Network

ICGN Japan Network

Over the past two decades, ICGN has supported reforms to improve corporate governance and investor stewardship practices in Japan with dozens of responses to regulatory consultations and by convening hundreds of prominent institutional investors, corporate leaders and other important stakeholders at ICGN Meetings in Tokyo.

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The ICGN Global Stewardship Principles provide an international framework for investors to implement their fiduciary obligations on behalf of clients and beneficiaries. 

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The ICGN Global Governance Principles serve as ICGN's primary standard for well-governed companies.

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ICGN regularly holds events for our Japan network, in July we will hold the 2022 ICGN Japan Forum: Implementing Japan’s Corporate Governance Code in Practice: Prioritising Strategic Human and Natural Capital Management, kindly hosted by JPX/TSE. In November, we will hold a training course for board directors titled, ICGN Excellence in Corporate Governance Programme. 

ICGN Japan Governance Priorities

See below the recordings (in English and Japanese) of our ‘ICGN Japan Governance Priorities’ event, hosted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

Recording of this event was kindly sponsored by ICJ Inc.


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