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Jaeuk Khil

Jaeuk Khil

Job title
Professor of Finance
South Korea
Current employer
Hanyang University

Prof. Jaeuk Khil has been teaching finance in the College of Economics and Business
of Hanyang University at Ansan since 1995. He received a B.S. in Economics from 
Seoul National University, an M.S. in Finance from Iowa State University and a Ph. D.
in Finance from University of Minnesota.

Prof. Khil’s main research area is the time series analysis application in the capital 
markets and the risk management area with the financial derivatives. He published 
more than 20 papers in leading international academic journals such as Journal of 
Futures Market, Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, Review of Quantitative 
Finance and Accounting, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions &
Money, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Emerging Markets Finance & Trade and top 
Korean academic journals such as Korean Journal of Financial Studies, Korean Journal 
of Finance, Korean Financial Management Review. Prof. Khil has recently received the 
multi-year research grant, GRN (Global Research Network), from KRF(Korea Research 
Foundation). The research team, PRG (Pension Research Group), consists of 6 leading 
researchers from the top business schools in Korea as well as one prominent 
international scholar, Prof. Bong-Soo Lee at Florida State University. The topic of 
the research is the role of the financial market development in the pension industry 
under the aging society. 

His academic service in the filed of Finance includes the President of KSA(Korean 
Securities Association), director of Korean Finance Association and etc. He has also 
served the academic community of Korea’s finance field as the editor of Korean 
Journal of Financial Studies. 

He has also coauthored 3 text books in Korean, Financial Management, Personal 
Finance, and Principles of Business Management. He has also served for several 
public positions in the capital market in Korea such as Financial Supervisory 
Commission, Korea Futures Market, and KIC (Korea Investment Corporation), the 
sovereign wealth fund of Korea. He has recently served for the Korea Exchange as 
the Chairman of KOSDAQ Market Commission.

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