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Terms and Conditions of website use

1. The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) has used its best endeavours to ensure that all the information, data and other material (copy and images) on this website are accurate and complete.

2. The ICGN does not assume responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information, data and other material on this website and does not assume liability for any errors or omissions.

3. The information, data, materials and opinions on this website are not intended as legal, accounting or other professional advice. ICGN members and other users of this resource should rely only on the advice of and information provided by their own qualified lawyers, accountants and other professionals.

4. The ICGN shall not be liable for any claims or losses of any nature arising directly or indirectly from use of the information, data or other material on this website.

5. Links from this website to other sites are for information only. The ICGN accepts no responsibility or liability arising from access to, or for the material on, any site to which it is linked.

6. Reproduction, redistribution and transmission of any information, data or other material contained in this website is strictly prohibited without the written authorisation of the ICGN.

7. All materials provided by third parties on the ICGN are the exclusive property of ICGN. ICGN shall retain all rights to such materials (including copyright) and may publish, repackage or otherwise make use of such materials in any way it deems appropriate.

8. The ICGN is registered as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 and will adhere to the principles and the guidelines set out by the Information Commissioner.

9. Access to this website is confirmation that you have understood and accepted these terms.

10. The ICGN facilitates the exchange of corporate governance information amongst its members with the aim of raising corporate governance standards throughout the world. It is not responsible for, nor does it screen or certify, the corporate governance policies, practices or views of its members. Membership of ICGN therefore should not be regarded or used as a sign or certification of corporate governance quality.

Any enquiries regarding these terms and conditions should be addressed to the ICGN Secretariat.