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ICGN Governance, Stewardship & Sustainability Course

Governance, Stewardship & Sustainability Course

“The ICGN Governance, Stewardship and Sustainability course has being very useful in providing up to date analysis tools for ESG frameworks, with a very practical approach and encouraging an exchange of opinions amongst participants.”

ICGN’s Governance, Stewardship & Sustainability course gives investment professionals, company managers, investor relations officers, corporate directors and other governance professionals what they need to know about the theoretical, empirical and especially practical aspects of integrating ESG into investor and company decision-making. 


ICGN Governance, Stewardship & Sustainability Course

ICGN’s education programme is defined by the ’Governance Stewardship and Sustainability’ (GSS) programme.

The programme was created following a mandate awarded to ICGN from the European Commission in 2011 to create a course for investors to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors in their decision-making. Since then, the course has been delivered in dozens of markets across the world.

Aligned with the ICGN Global Stewardship Principles, the GSS training programme is structured over three sessions:

1.     Theory and practice of governance, stewardship and sustainability

2.     Strategic ESG analysis and integration in investment decision-making

3.     Stewardship in action: monitoring, voting, engagement and reporting

This course is primarily held on-line by zoom with carefully chosen schedules to support all time zones. 

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Over 450 delegates have taken part in ICGN’s Governance, Stewardship & Sustainability Course. Click the button below to hear more about their experiences: 

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