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ICGN Global Governance and Stewardship Awards

ICGN Awards 2024

The ICGN Global Governance and Stewardship Awards are recognised internationally as prestigious accolades for corporate governance and stewardship professionals. These awards recognise and celebrate excellence in corporate governance and investor stewardship, highlighting the work and achievements of professionals across the globe.

There are 8 distinct Awards in total, all of which will be presented in 2024:

ICGN Achievement Awards (presented annually)

  • ICGN Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Rising Star Award
  • Excellence in Corporate Governance Award
  • Excellence in Stewardship Award

ICGN Global Stewardship Disclosure Awards (presented every two years)

  • Asset Owners (>£60 billion AUM)
  • Asset Managers (>£60 billion AUM)
  • Asset Owners (<£60 billion AUM)
  • Asset Managers (<£60 billion AUM)
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ICGN Achievement Awards 2024 are open for nominations until 19 April. These awards honour the inspiring achievements made by individuals and companies around the globe who have made exceptional accomplishments in the field of corporate governance.

ICGN Achievement Awards

These awards recognise individuals and organisations excelling in effective stewardship and encourage better quality disclosure.

ICGN Global Stewardship Disclosure Awards

View the members of the ICGN Awards Committee

ICGN Awards Committee

ICGN Awards Archive

Details of previous winners of the ICGN Global Governance and Stewardship Awards since 2020 are available in the ICGN Awards Archive pages.