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GSS Course Testimonials

GSS Testimonials

Feedback from the participants of ICGN’s GSS Online Course.

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Andrid James, TD Asset Management

Andrid James

The syllabus, workbook and resources were easy to navigate.   

In my role as Senior Wealth Operations Officer on the ESG Team at TDAM, I review Third Party proxy voting research analysis. The course covered all the ESG topics on Corporate Governance, Stewardship and Sustainability. 

The case studies in group settings were very interesting and useful. It has enable me to recognize key issues in Corporate Governance.  

Special thanks to George and Mike for keeping everyone engaged throughout the course, they covered much more that I expected.

I would recommend this course to anyone that’s interested in learning about Governance to further their overall ESG knowledge.

Andrid James, TD Asset Management

Henry Levy, Alameda County Employee Retirement Association

There were two main reasons that I liked the ICGN training:  First, as a trustee of a public pension plan, I got a practical actions that I could take, or ask my staff, to effect a higher level of stewardship; second, I had great discussions with George and Mike and other participants about what stewardship means, what are the obstacles, and what success stories there are.

Henry Levy, Alameda County Employee Retirement Association

Henry Levy

John Stout, Fredrikson&Byron

John Stout

The presentations of George and Mike were all excellent! Reprints of the course slides after each session was particularly valuable. I thought it was very effective… The site was easily accessible and very navigable - lots of valuable resources included.

John Stout, Fredrikson&Byron

Geraldo Affonso Ferreira, KPMG

For me as an Independent Non Executive Director was a great pleasure to learn the excellent teaching IGCN offers to investors on the three main topics, Governance, Stewarship and Governance, and be prepared for the questions that responsible investors must apply to their investees. George Dallas, Mike Lubrano, Peter Taylor and Carol Drake are the highest level teachers you can find to address such agenda. Besides, the participants were very experienced, the interaction and my overall learning was above my expectations.

Geraldo Affonso Ferreira, KPMG

Geraldo Affonso Ferreira

Stefanus S. Handoyo, IFC

Stefanus Handoyo

The ICGN GSS course provided me with a wholistic understanding of the governance of E&S and on how investors and business leaders should build an integrated thinking around their ESG practices. The course is also an eyeopener and good refresher for impact investors, purpose-driven assets managers and companies, and professionals interested to learn more about basic concepts and some practical insights into how to analyze GSS (governance, stewardship and sustainability) and their impact on long-term value creation by businesses.

It is indeed a well-designed course to equip professionals with the knowledge on ESG fundamentals and challenges. The pace and content are great for a starter. The case studies are well-written and cover the most relevant key points of the GSS issues. Group discussions provided participants opportunities to network across the world. Course content and online delivery is superb! Thoroughly enjoyed this online course and would recommend to anyone interested in ESG.

Stefanus S. Handoyo, IFC

Lucas Van Beek, Robeco

The ICGN GSS course provides a fundamental understanding of the increasingly important topics around investment stewardship. I can recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen their knowledge and skills in this area.

Lucas Van Beek, Robeco

Lucas van Beek

Frederik Otto, The Sustainability Board Report

Frederik Otto

Running a think tank on sustainable leadership and corporate governance, it was important for me to understand the investor’s perspective on current ESG challenges in the boardroom. This course provides valuable insights on stewardship processes and useful materials that will continue to come in handy long after the course.

Frederik Otto, The Sustainability Board Report

Nathan Robertson, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors

The ICGN GSS course provides important education on stewardship and managing sustainability issues to drive long-term value for investors. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to understanding global governance practice, and build knowledge on ESG integration as a fundamental component of stewardship.

Nathan Robertson, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors

Nathan Robertson

Ludivine Wouters, Latitude Five

Ludivine Wouters

I heard about this course through the Emerging Markets Investor Alliance newsletter and immediately jumped at the chance to follow it online. Concepts and theory were linked to examples and experience - very helpful to build our own analysis capacity.

Ludivine Wouters, Latitude Five

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