More details of the champions awards and how to nominate a candidate

Stewardship Champions (Individuals and Organisations)

These awards will recognise individuals, organisations or collaborations whose actions have contributed significantly to making effective stewardship a reality in the markets in which they operate. Winners will be chosen for the impact of activities undertaken during the twelve months ending 30 April 2019 (i.e. they are not ‘life time achievement’ awards). 

There is one award for: ICGN Stewardship Champion Award (Individual, Organisation or Collaboration) 

As the ICGN Global Stewardship Principles explain, there is an ‘ecosystem’ of different actors all of whom contribute to effective stewardship. These include asset owners and managers, companies, advisors, representative bodies, NGOs, regulators, stock exchanges and others. All are eligible to be nominated. Nominees do not need to be ICGN members.

There is are no restrictions on the type of activity for which individuals or organisations can be nominated. Examples that might be considered worthy of an award include:

  • Investors whose have used engagement to achieve positive outcomes for clients, beneficiaries and the companies concerned; 
  • Investor or NGO led initiatives that have raised awareness or led to changes in corporate or investor behavior, regulations or listing rules; 
  • Companies that have embraced or enabled investor engagement in a way that has set new standards of good practice; 
  • Regulators or stock exchanges whose actions have enabled investors to exercise their rights and stewardship responsibilities more effectively; or
  • Individuals who have challenged orthodox thinking or led successful campaigns to bring about change.

The criteria for assessing the awards are:

  • The scale of the positive impact achieved by the nominee. For example, was the outcome a major change in approach on the part of companies, a regulator or whoever the nominee was aiming to influence? Does the impact potentially benefit other investors, markets etc?
  • The extent of the obstacles and difficulties that had to be overcome in order to achieve that impact. For example, was the impact achieved in a market or region where there are limited shareholder rights or opportunities to engage? Were there resource or other constraints that the nominee dealt with by developing an innovative or collaborative approach?

In addition, the judges will take into account the extent to which nominees went above and beyond their normal duties or responsibilities to achieve results.

 Nominations have now closed.