Nissay Asset Management: Carbon Offsetting

ICGN is pleased to launch this as our first carbon neutral event. We will do this by calculating the carbon footprint for the event and then contributing to a climate protection project in order to compensate for the event-related CO2 emissions, effectively offsetting the carbon emissions.

ICGN is pleased to announce that this initiative will be sponsored by Nissay Asset Management, who will cover the costs of offsetting the carbon emissions of this event.

We have added 5 new questions to the event registration form. Along with information on how much printing and other materials production we do, food preparation by the hotel and other relevant factors, the answers delegates provide will be used (without any personal information or identifiers) to calculate the overall group carbon footprint of the event, which ICGN will then offset. This information will not be kept or stored beyond the event.

The calculations and offsetting will be provided by Project ClimateSince 2012 Project Climate has supported companies and institutions that commit to climate protection – offering sustainable mobility consulting and CO2 offset. Project Climate advises on how to reduce the carbon footprint of an event. After the event, Project Climate calculates the CO2 emissions of the event according to international standards (GHG protocol) and helps organisers create carbon neutral events by offsetting all unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting third-party verified Gold Standard climate projects. All offset projects provide additional economic and social benefits to the local population.


During the conference, attendees will be able to vote on a choice of 2 projects (see the options below), for the Gold Standard climate project that they would like us to fund in order to offset the carbon emissions from our Tokyo event.