What does conference registration include? 

Conference registration only covers the conference itself. It does not cover hotel rooms or attendance at any training courses taking place alongside the conference. Any training or educational programs require a separate registration and fees.

Are there sponsorship opportunities at ICGN conferences? 
Yes, non-content related sponsorship is available. Please contact Flo Doel at florence.doel@icgn.org & +44 (0)20 7612 7091 for more information.

I have a special dietary request for meals at a ICGN conference. What do I do?
Be sure to include the information with your registration. If you did not specify your requests during the online registration process, please visit the registration desk and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What type of security protocols are in place during ICGN conferences?
ICGN takes security at our functions seriously. Security personnel are on site for all sessions and receptions. All attendees are required to check-in at registration upon arrival to obtain a name badge and pertinent conference information. All attendees must wear their name badge in plain sight for admission to all conference sessions and receptions. Members and guests not wearing the proper name badge will not be admitted to any ICGN functions. Members who attend and have unpaid fees will need to sign a declaration of intent to pay in order to be allowed to attend any conference events.

Are the conferences filmed or photographed?
Portions of the conference’s events may be recorded by video, audio and/or photographs (the “recordings”) and may be used by ICGN or its designee, and made available to the public, as part of live, delayed or archived video or audio casts; event transcripts; ICGN materials or publications; marketing or advertising materials or publications; and other materials or publications, in any media or format now existing or hereafter created. By attending or participating in the conference, you acknowledge and agree that ICGN may use, reproduce, display, perform and otherwise distribute the recordings, and any portions thereof — as it may include or feature your name, likeness or biographical information — without any further compensation, permission, or notification to you, and that all recordings captured during the conference or at any of the ICGN’s other events are the exclusive rights of the International Corporate Governance Network.

How does ICGN select conference speakers?
ICGN conference speakers for plenary and break-out sessions are invited by the Chief Executive Office, Policy Director, Policy Advisor and the relevant Conferenc ePlanning Committee. ICGN’s board of directors plays an “advise and consent” role. There is no open call for interested speakers. Members are invited to make suggestions directly to ICGN staff at any time, bearing the following in mind:
  • Requests far outnumber speaker slots
  • Neither membership history nor sponsorship history factors into decisions about invitations
  • By policy, ICGN does not provide speaking opportunities on a “pay-for-play” basis; the board has made clear that the staff should select topics and speakers based on interest to the membership, including desire for diverse programming