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For more information about the Committee please contact the Chair, Niels Lemmers and Carol Nolan Drake:

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Shareholder Responsibilities Committee

The committee is active in influencing international policy developments regarding the stewardship responsibilities of shareholders. In particular, current areas of focus include: (1) ICGN guidance on institutional investor responsibilities; and (2) model mandate terms setting out a contractual template between asset owners and asset managers.


Committee Members (2014 - 2015)

Lemmers Niels Niels Lemmers, Co-chair, Dutch Shareholders' Association - Vereniging VEB NCVB, Netherlands  
Drake Carol Carol Nolan Drake, Co-chair, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, USA

Mick Chadwick, AVIVA Investors, UK
 Andrew Clearfield Andrew Clearfield, Investment Initiatives, USA
 stephen davies Stephen Davis, Harvard University, USA

Paul Murphy, Australian Council of Super Investors, Australia
 charles demoulin Charles Demoulin, Deminor, Belgium
 BLANK PHOTO Shade Duffy, Head of Corporate Governance, AXA IM, France
 Anne-Marie Jourdan photo Anne-Marie Jourdan , Fonds de Reserve Pour Les Retraites, France (Board Liaison)
Margaret Foran, Prudential Financial Inc, USA
Hans - Christoph Hirst Hans - Christoph Hirt, Hermes Equity Ownership Services Ltd, Singapore
pierre-henri leroy Pierre Henri Leroy, ProxInvest, France
 kieth johnson Keith Johnson, Reinhart Institutional Investor Services, USA
Cedric Laverie, Amundi, France
 Charles Macek  Charles Macek, SIRIS, Australia
 Mike McCauley  Mike McCauley, State Board of Administration of Florida, USA
   Danielle Melis, Nyenrode University, the Netherlands
Debra.Perry Debra Perry, Corporate and Mutual Fund Boards, USA
BLANK PHOTO Terri Jo Saarela, State of Wisconsin Investment Boards, USA
 JuanPrietofoto Juan Prieto, Emisores EspaƱoles, Spain

Alison Schneider, AIMCO, Canada
 chad spitler Chad Spitler, BlackRock, USA
 Ryoko Ueda Ryoko Ueda, J-IRIS Research, Japan

Djimmer Yetsenga, Syntrus Achmea Asset Management, Netherlands
 Zhengjun Zhang  Zhengjun Zhang, King Parallel Consulting Co, China